Our truck is named after the owner's grandmother, Dolores Mendieta - known as Doña Lola. 


She was the family pioneer in the food business.  Doña Lola supported her family of five by selling food at the night markets in the town of Zimapan Hidalgo, Mexico in the 1930's.  She was famous for her cooking and people came to eat her food from all over the state.   Her youngest son, Jose Mendieta, grew up seeing her mother cook.  Jose used to carry the brasero grill every night and used to fall asleep under the table where his mother cooked. 


Inheriting the passion from his mom, Jose grew up to become an award-winning chef in Mexico and the United States.  Her final restaurant was in Milwaukee, WI.  His daughter Citlali grew up just like him, seeing her parents cook since she was a little girl. Along with her husband Chef Nicolas, they own and operate Antigua Restaurant, Antigua Catering & Events, and now they are proud to share Lola's Empanadas with you!  


In honor to Doña Lola, our empanadas will be at the West Allis Farmer's Mrket, and other special events around town.  Follow us on social media to stay in touch and see our truck's location.